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A Simple Approach to a Healthier Smile

Toothbrushes designed with your mouth in mind.  

Convenient, stylish, affordable and delivered direct to you, right when you need them.

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Toothbrush Club
Toothbrush Club

The Perfect Brush

Back to basics with no unnecessary features. A simple stylish design with high quality bristles that are friendly to your teeth while providing the perfect clean. Our bristles are infused with activated charcoal that naturally reduces odour-causing bacteria, detoxifies and balances PH levels for a fresh mouth feeling everyday.

Refreshed on Time

Fresh brushes delivered every 2 months before they become unhygienic and incapable of cleaning. An old toothbrush harbours germs and bacteria, let alone those frayed bristles being useless. 75% of Australians are not changing their toothbrush regularly because they simply forget, putting their oral health at risk. We replace your brush right when you need it!

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Toothbrush Club Kids

We have the whole Family covered. Our kids brushes have the same amazing bristles, but designed with smaller kiddie sized mouths and hands in mind. Imagine how excited the kids will be to receive the package in the mail. A fun way to get kids excited about brushing their teeth. Recommended for ages 1 to 10

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Loving this Toothbrush! Great design and my teeth have never felt so Clean! Highly Recommend!!

– Izzy, NSW

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For every toothbrush delivered to you, a brush is distributed to someone in need.

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